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My range of books will give an idea of the various topics I can talk about and I've been a guest speaker at many group and team events. 


My briefest talk was a ten-minute mid dinner interlude to a global company welcoming them to their host location (in a humorous way) and setting the scene for their conference. Maybe something like that would suit your event?


Here's a synopsis of two talks appropriate for social and business groups such as Probus, WI and other clubs and societies



Confessions of a wedding day professional'

   Almost 400,000 weddings take place in the UK every year costing £9 billion. Wedding day ‘celebrants and toastmasters’ are involved in many of these events (but get a fairly insignificant slice of that sum!). 
    Wedding celebrants in England, busy though they are, cannot legally marry couples - so what’s the point of these people?
    The phrase ‘wedding toastmaster’, to some people, gives an image of an elderly and pompous individual who struts about in a red tailcoat making announcements. Is this a valid perception? Is that all they do? What’s the point of them and who decided the coat should be red? 
    All is revealed in this pacey and light-hearted insight into my life as a ‘wedding day celebrant and toastmaster’. I use various props and a few magic tricks – and promise not to show a single PowerPoint slide.

    You’ll learn a few interesting facts, hear about a few awkward moments - some of which still make me cringe! 


The evolution of the town crier and the relevance to today

Oyez, Oyez, the fabled cry of the early bellman started the process of spreading news to a generally illiterate public. The Crier was a news spreader, an announcer of Government declarations, a hangman’s assistant and a key figure in protecting the public from danger of fire.  Crier ‘shouts’ have been used in modern times to announce Royal Births and even to wake a bride on the morning of her wedding! The ‘succinctness’ of information is in complete contrast to the indiscriminate information overload we endure today. 
But the philosophy of the Crier is fighting back.

Oyez!  Oyez!  Oyez!

I'm a mediocre magician but I use elements of magic in many of my toastmaster, MC and speaking activities. Despite that, I always suggest you use a 'proper magician' and I'll recommend good performers.. Please enjoy this clip in the meantime!


See my range of short 'magic moments HERE 

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