wedding toastmaster London, Surrey and Middlesex
wedding toastmaster London, Surrey and Middlesex

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Clear, 'up front' and no hidden charges. I hope my (over)enthusiastic picture on the left will convince you of that. Go on; ask me what I'm doing!


I charge £75 to reserve a specific date for my toastmaster / MC work. This 'date reservation fee' is non refundable (except for exceptional circumstances).


When you book my wedding celebrant services, I charge an initial fee of £125. This is because I start work right away and this is my fee to create a draft version of your personalised ceremony (it's usually about 75% there).


More detail below. Please ask if anything is unclear or if you have alternative suggrestions!



Toastmaster / MC Work

From guest arrival to the end of wedding breakfast (typically five hours) - £350

£75 ('date reservation') due on booking with £275 balance due two weeks before your event


Extra evening time (after end of wedding breakfast) up to 'first dance announcement' - £50 (typically)


'Non Weekend' dates have (up to) 25% reduction. 


Wedding Celebrant Work

Ceremony Design and Scripting work will start after our in-depth discussion (via Zoom, typically) 

Booking fee and First Draft - £125

This fee is non refundable as I will have invested time in creating your ceremony script

Revision to final version - £150 (due on acceptance)

(Total fee to produce tailored ceremony script = £275)

Acting as your celebrant - £150 due two weeks before event


Celebrant performance for 'non weekend' dates - £90


Ask about my Winter 2021 budget offer. Flat fee of £350 for design and delivery


'This Is Your Life' Host

Preparing the Script and interactions - £175 (payable in advance)

£125 Balance due on delivery of 'final script'

On the day performance (usually one hour) - £100


Some events could incur travel costs.


Please get in touch if you have questions or 'special circumstances' that I need to know about.  Thanks


Phew! After all that financial stuff, here's an idea to raise funds during lockdown and its aftermath. Try it. Good luck!


(I'm a mediocre magician but I can recommend several good ones!)

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